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Bud's offers the largest selection of cannabis products at the best value across all of Massachusetts.
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Worcester, Home of Bud’s

Worcester is the home of buds on the East Coast. And it’s also home to Bud’s Goods & Provisions. “Home is where your buds are.”

Worcester: The Cannabis Capital of the East Coast

Denver, Portland, LA: all western cities synonymous with a vibrant legal cannabis culture. And on the right side of the country Worcester is leading the way for the title of East Coast Cannabis Capital.

How Much Cannabis Does Massachusetts Need?

Now that this issue of cannabis prices in Massachusetts has been covered, it’s time to get onto the main question: how much cannabis does Massachusetts really need?
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Worcester, MA
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Abington, MA
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Watertown, MA
Fall 2021
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64 W Boylston St
Monday - Saturday 10am-10pm
Sundays 10am-8pm
1540 Bedford St
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330 Pleasant St
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